Paul, Amanda & OllieBay State Baseball Cards was launched in October 2018 by Paul Miles.  Paul’s first job was at a baseball card store outside of Philadelphia during the heat of the 80’s card boom.  He walked away from the sport after the 1994 strike, but came back in time to see the Phillies finally win the World Series in 2008.  In 2017 Paul moved to New England to pursue sports announcing opportunities near Providence, RI and had an opportunity to catch games at five ball parks in four different leagues that first summer (in 2018, he added two new parks and one new league).  At some point during 2018, he decided to buy some packs of Panini Stars & Stripes and Allen & Gitner.  The love of collecting cardboard was reborn.

(picture: Paul, his partner Amanda, and their furbaby Ollie at a Hyannis Harbor Hawks game)



BSBC wants to serve three specific baseball card fan bases.  Set builders, Red Sox/Massachusetts baseball fans, foreign card collectors.  We’re going to carry mostly modern singles and vintage set starters.  Paul’s collecting interest is modern Topps and BBM (for Japanese cards) and vintage Topps & Fleer as well as minor league and independent league team sets.  Memorabilia may come in the future, but for now, Paul’s focus is on developing the card stock.



Shipping happens via USPS on Fridays.  We charge $3.50 shipping and handling, this defrays most of the costs associated with shipping baseball cards as safely as possible  Please contact paul@baystatebaseballcards.com if you need your items shipped sooner.  Paul runs BSBC on nights and weekends.

Paul also designs custom cards.  Check the blog to see what he’s working on.

Bay State Baseball Cards also produces the Bay State Baseball Report, which is a newsletter featuring not just BSBC coupons, but also baseball news from around Massachusetts…from the Boston Red Sox to the Yarmouth-Dennis…Red Sox (C’mon, New England, let’s get some original team names!).  Stay up on all the hardball happenings from around the state.