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Custom Cards: Famous Fans

I listen to a lot of podcasts.  Three of my favorites are Never Not Funny, The Kevin Pollak Chat Show and The Smartest Man in the World.  Smartest Man is of particular interest to baseball fans as Greg Proops is a massive baseball fan.  He grew up in the South Bay and regales listeners with stories of smoking weed and sneaking beers into Candlestick Park.  He is also a supporter of the Negro League Museum in Kansas City.  If you search his show’s archives, there’s an episode from last summer in which Proops hosts the NLM’s award banquet.  Besides his deep love of baseball, Proops is one of the most famous and accomplished improvisors of the last 30 years.  He’s been a cast member of several iterations of Whose Line is it Anyway?, including a live tour featuring Joel Murray, brother of Goldklang Group board member and occasional actor Bill Murray.

Jimmy Pardo hosts one of the longest running podcasts, Never Not Funny.  Jimmy grew up in Chicago and is an unrepentant fan of the White Sox.  He also admins a yearly fantasy league featuring fans who bid for slots in his annual charity event the Pardcastathon.  Besides being a giant baseball nerd, Pardo also has encyclopedic knowledge of classic rock and musical theater and is a former season ticket holder of the LA Kiss arena football team (RIP).

Kevin Pollak is one of three well known impersonators, but made his name as a character actor in The Usual Suspects and A Few Good Men.  Baseball fans probably won’t be interested to know that Pollak went to high school with former Giants & Yankees pitcher Dave Righetti.  More recently, Pollak hosts the long form interview show called The Kevin Pollak Chatshow, which ends weekly with his signature sign off “Now…get out of my face”.  The episode with Tom Hanks is interesting, even if just to hear Tom Hanks talk about double fisting tall boys while watching the Edmonton Eskimos in the Grey Cup and another share about playing Cards Against Humanity with his son Colin (now of Life in Pieces).

Now that I’ve told you more than you ever wanted to now about three comedians you probably don’t care about, I decided to do up some custom designs for three podcast hosts that also enjoy baseball.  I went with two of my favorite mid-80 card designs.  The 85 Topps base and 87 Donruss base.  I think the 87 Donruss is under appreciated, and the 85 Topps is way overshadowed by the 87 design, which is probably one of the most popular designs in baseball card history.

For Jimmy Pardo I used one of the show logos, which color wise I think was inspired by the mid-80’s White Sox logo.  Propps & Pollak’s show logos didn’t minimize well to fit the card template, so since both guys are San Francisco fans I went with Giants logos.  I found a great picture of Pollak wearing a San Francisco Seals hat, which is what I used for the Donruss card.

These are the first cards I’ve designed that I’ve actually considered printing out to try to get TTM autographs on.  So that might be a project for my Thanksgiving break.

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