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Custom Cards: Wrigleyville 2018

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NOTE: This is a custom card set, these are not available for purchase and I do not hold the copyright on the images used.  These cards were designed exclusively as an exercise in creativity and design.


Okay, legal notice out of the way, this is a custom card design I started working on a couple weeks ago (if you dig, you can find my custom card page that was the forerunner of this site).  Without sounding arty-douchebag, the concept was inspired by postcards from the 1920’s.  Sort of in the Allen & Ginter vein.  But I also wanted to keep it brighter and have a lot of negative space – just in case someone wanted to print these out and use them for autographs…(send me a picture if you do).  The teams’ 1931-33 jersey logo fit the era vibe I was looking for perfectly, and I was able to find this year’s photo day pictures on  I posted the first few on SportsCardForum and got called out to do a Kerry Wood.  Felt like a nice chance to do a sepia tone.


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