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Webstore Update

Soft launch of Bay State Baseball Cards will occur on November 1st.  On that date I’ll start accepting orders.  For me that day will bring my life full circle.  My first job as a wee young lad was at a baseball card shop outside of Philadelphia.

I am on vacation next week, my partner and I are running up to Portland, ME to get away from all the people who annoy us by driving their cars in front of us and being in line in front of us at stores and restaurants.  We’re both big hockey fans, so I think she’s taking me to a Maine Mariners game.

In the next ten days, I plan on adding a bunch of new stock to the webstore.  I have some Topps Heritage High Number and base be as well as a handful of Panini cards (including a small binder full of 2018 Stars & Stripes with some pretty dope insert hits).  I’ll also be adding a couple hundred 2018 BBM 1st Version cards.  I’m really excited to be able to carry Japanese baseball cards.

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